![[PiA Master Text Logo.png]] # Partners in Access ## Visitor Experience Pilots - Helping you to understand disabled access and inclusion within tourism and hospitality  [[About]] | [[Contact]] | [[Working with us]] | [[Press and Media]] > Partners in Access was established by Paul Ralph after his experience of several decades working in the field of access and inclusion for disabled people. He describes the organisation as "Visitor Experience Pilots" as he and the team help businesses and organisations navigate the amazing opportunity that welcoming disabled visitors can bring to your business and your community. ![[John O Groats 39.jpg]] Photo: Paul visiting John O' Groats and pictured here sitting by the famous distance signpost --- ## Knowledge sharing is the way forward "We provide a range of bespoke consultancy services. We are happy doing that but our voice may not travel far. What would get the message out that accessible and inclusive tourism isn't rocket science, can be fun, and doesn't always cost loads of money? After thinking about training courses, books and visits we decided to exploit our technical skills and write an online knowledge bank of the experiences we've had, the tips we can offer and the benefits that disabled access can bring for you. Our website is being updated all the time as it is an organic collection of information and knowledge. Like accessibility itself, you are always learning, tweaking, adjusting in order to offer the best possible visitor experiences for everyone. If you have a specific question you can email us and we will try to help if we can." "Welcome to our website!" ![[Paul signature.jpeg]] Paul Ralph, Chief Storyteller Partners in Access Ltd ## [[Factsheets for you]] We are often asked about accessibility and inclusion in specific settings. It could be someone asking about their camping site, a guest house proprietor, or a visitor attraction. It can be challenging to know what you need to do and where to start. Lots of folk will tell you what you need to do, what doesn't work, or what is missing but few tell you what to to. The factsheets we have written set out to highlight what disabled people may find helpful in particular settings. If you can gain insight into the expectations of your customers it becomes easier to work towards becoming the best you can for everyone. ## [[Accessibility Knowledge Base]] The Accessibility Knowledge base contains an extensive list of definitions and explanations of formats, equipment, services and other issues directly related to providing accessible information and accessible services. ## [[Access Guides and why they're important]] As people with a love of exploring we are frequently asked about Access Guides, often called Access Statements, and we are a great fans of these. An Access Guide is probably the most used 'tool' when planning on visiting new places. As disabled people, we need to know what is on offer to make visiting easy for disabled visitors. First stop is the access guide and then we move on to see if other disabled people have made a visit and what they may have to say about the place or space. When we arrive we look for a warm welcome, being able to enjoy our visit and taking home our own stories to tell our friends. --- ## Work in progress The website is currently being updated and section by section brought online. Not all sections of the website are publicly visible just now. We hope to bring the full version of the website online before the end of the year. --- The materials, content and images on this website are subject to copyright. If you would like to use any of the content on the website in your own work please get in touch as we are keen to share our work with people who are seeking to improve access and inclusion for disabled people. (c) Partners in Access, 2024, Edinburgh, Scotland - All rights reserved